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The prayer that beat the Taliban

6 Comments November 16, 2017

The horrifying ordeal of Joshua Boyle and his family burst into international news when they were suddenly rescued from their Taliban-affiliated captors on October 11, 2017. The most awesome part the story, however, is how God stepped in to answer devoted prayers, where every human […]

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Helping children remember

2 Comments November 9, 2017

Honouring the sacrifices that paid for Canada’s freedom is an important value to instill in young Canadians. For elementary schools, however, “student friendly” books and information about veterans or the world wars is limited. Finding material that expresses Christian faith is almost impossible, until […]

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Massive Alpha campaign sweeping Ottawa churches

1 Comment November 2, 2017

Churches across Ottawa are applying greater focus on faith through invitation, this fall, promoting the basics and beauty of Christianity through an increased number of Alpha courses. A sort of “temperature change” is taking place […]

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Canada’s international abortion policy is neo-colonization: Nigerian activist

1 Comment October 26, 2017

The Trudeau government has committed more than half a billion dollars to funding abortion overseas (more than five times what it spent on famine relief in Africa). While the new policy was wildly applauded by Canadian media, it is receiving a different response in Africa, where […]

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Grey Cup graces Ottawa Civic Prayer Breakfast

0 Comments October 19, 2017

The Ottawa Civic Prayer Breakfast has a unique guest this year: the Grey Cup. With the city celebrating last year’s Grey Cup victory, prayer breakfast organizers appointed 1976 Grey Cup champion Gerry Organ as this year’s speaker. “Knowing […]

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