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Real choices: Thoughts from a former abortion advocate

0 Comments January 15, 2018

Frederica Mathewes-Green was once a strong supporter of abortion. In the 1970s, her car bumper proclaimed, “Don’t labour under a misconception. Legalize abortion.” On January 18, Mathewes-Green will address a pro-life group in […]

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Burning Hearts celebrates 1,000 days of prayer

0 Comments January 11, 2018

“I don’t think it is coincidental that there was a sharp upturn in conversions since Burning Hearts started. It is my belief that Burning Hearts was God’s way of helping us repair a prayer foundation for our church and hopefully other churches in […]

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After the fire: What’s next for Living Waters

0 Comments January 4, 2018

Living Waters Christian Assembly is determined to carry on the ministry after a devastating fire destroyed their facility only days before Christmas. “According to the fire marshal the cause […]

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Finishing strong

1 Comment December 28, 2017

Christians rightly put great emphasis on Christmas, but a growing community of Ottawa churches join together to praise God as the new year begins. Far more than another New Year’s Eve party, they see the Cross-over Prayer Vigil as an important witness to the city. “This is […]

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Holy Spirit rising up in Ottawa

1 Comment December 21, 2017

In the final days of 2017, more than 900 young adults will converge in Ottawa seeking spiritual growth and fellowship at the annual Rise Up conference. Hosted by Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO), Rise Up aims to inspire […]

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