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Grey Cup graces Ottawa Civic Prayer Breakfast

0 Comments October 19, 2017

The Ottawa Civic Prayer Breakfast has a unique guest this year: the Grey Cup. With the city celebrating last year’s Grey Cup victory, prayer breakfast organizers appointed 1976 Grey Cup champion Gerry Organ as this year’s speaker. “Knowing […]

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The best-kept secret in women’s ministry

0 Comments October 12, 2017

It started with 12 women from the Metropolitan Bible Church (MET). Today, Woman to Woman (W2W) is a 220-women strong Bible study group, with 42 local churches represented. “It’s […]

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A noteworthy difference

0 Comments October 5, 2017

Reaching into his backpack, Tom Affleck grabbed a pair of notebooks and pencils and gave them to the two girls in front of him. Little did he know this simple act of kindness would make attending school possible for them, for the first time. The […]

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Living in community: a radical counter-culture

0 Comments September 29, 2017

In a world where autonomy and personal space are nearly sacred, there is a growing counter-cultural movement developing in the Church, focused on intentional community. It’s a journey one local family recently joined in the hopes of inspiring […]

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Kemptville churches pull together to resettle refugees

1 Comment September 22, 2017

Canadians have been working to bring Syrian refugees into Canada and to help them begin a new life. Efforts in the big cities receive most of the media attention, but small towns are doing their part, as well. The congregation of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, in Kemptville […]

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